Redefining Block Chain Wallet

Safer and easier to manage your assets

Main Characteristics

Intellectual Benefits
Automated Trading Robot is an automatic computer program that can continuously execute custom algorithms, execute asset transactions, select asset bases, set parameters, execute transactions and control risk levels.
Quantized Transaction
Using advanced mathematical models instead of artificial subjective judgments, and using computer technology to select various "probabilistic" events that can bring excess returns from huge historical data to formulate strategies to protect investors'returns.
Cross Link Settlement
Unique block chain technology, soft payment technology, and MHT technology. The technology of 2-of-2 multi-signature, lock-in time transaction and broadcasting of transaction composition are synthetically used to realize the second-rate transfer of block chain assets.


The P2P protocol written into the smart contract will be executed automatically according to the agreed terms and can not be tampered with. At the same time, intelligent contracts will automatically track the value of digital assets, and will automatically alert the operation when the security clause is triggered or within the specified repayment date.
Block chain can not be tampered with, each transaction will be distributed to each block for record preservation, and then use cryptography to verify, any malicious damage or record deletion will be found, so the whole shopping process will be seen by everyone. Block chain strengthens the credibility, traceability and transparency of transactions, and makes our transactions faster and more convenient.
The combination of game and block chain, using distributed server management, gradually improves the stability of the game, allowing players to control the dominance of the game in their own hands, while the use of game plug-ins is greatly hampered by programmable contracts.
The matching mechanism can ensure transaction efficiency, effectively help users save time, and deal with one-to-many order pairing. Each transaction is totally controlled in person. Intelligent contracts are specially designed to reduce the cost of miners in the process of each transaction.